Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Clinical, Histopathological and Radiological Case Series Study: An Institutional Experience

Maha El-Gayyar, Manar Sallam, Mohamed Khaled, Mohamed El-Mougy, Amany El-Hawwary, Amal Halim, Hala El. Shenshawy, Adel El-Badrawy

Page: 6-19
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Multiple Thyroid Carcinoma Foci Grafted on Graves' Disease

Salem Bouomrani, Nesrine Regaïeg

Page: 40-42
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IL-6 Blockade Limitations as an Anticancer Strategy: Literature Review and Proposal of Explanations for Unexpected Results

Mohamed Islam Delma

Page: 1-5
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Protective Role of Ginseng Root Aqueous Extract Administration on Antineoplastic Drug Cisplatin-induced Spleen Oxidative Stress and Injury

Shimaa Eldakamawy, Ezar Hafez, Mohamed Basuony, Shahenda A. Fatoh, Ehab Tousson

Page: 20-30
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Preventive/Ameliorative Effects of Ginseng Aqueous Extract on Cisplatin-induced Hepatic and Renal Injuries

Mohamed Basuony, Ehab Tousson, Ahmed Massoud, Samar Saad

Page: 31-39
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