Beneficial Components of Colostrum for Cancer Patients: A Mini-review Focused on Oxidative Aspects and Properties of Colostrinin

Aline do Carmo França-Botelho

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Antineoplastic Activities of Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract against Ehrlich Solid Tumor Bearing Mice Induced Alterations in AFP, CEA, TNF-α and DNA Damage

Massoud Ahmed, Tousson Ehab, Said Noor Eldin Ahmed, Elwan M. Mona, Hameed M. Haneen

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Ameliorative Effects of Spirulina and Chamomile Aqueous Extract against Mice Bearing Ehrlich Solid Tumor Induced Apoptosis

Afaf El-Atrsh, Ehab Tousson, Eman E. Elnahas, Ahmed Massoud, Marwan Al-Zubaidi

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Clinical Significance of Mir-221 in Colorectal Cancer

Amal F. Gharib, Abdel Rhman Nasser Alghamdi, Mosfer Nasser Alghamdi, Ahmed El Askary, Wael H. Elsawy

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Effectiveness of Intervention on Awareness and Knowledge of Breast Self-Examination among the Potentially at Risk Population for Breast Cancer

Abdul Nazer Ali, Foong Ji Yuan, Chuah Hui Ying, Nazer Zulfikar Ahmed

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Uncommon Histological Variants of Cervical Cancer – A Single Center Experience

Swati Mittal, Joydeep Ghosh, Anik Ghosh

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Use of DNA Methylation in Cancer Therapy

Ayoola Abimbola, Christian Bach

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Factors Affecting Lung Cancer Survival: A Literature Review

Naeima Houssein

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Major Candidate Genes Associated with Risk of Hereditary and Sporadic Prostate Cancer

Berjas Abumsimir, Moulay Mustapha Ennaji

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