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Current Issue

2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Caused by Palmaris Profundus Sharing Common Sheath with Median Nerve

Nouha Baba , Senda Bellila, Feten Sbei, Mohamed Ali Sbai

Page: 15-18

Malignant Parotid Salivary Gland Tumour: Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma- Treated with Surgical Excision and Adjuvant Therapy

Pankaj Goyal , Kishan Kumawat , Itisha Dhiman

Page: 19-28

Resection of an Abdominal Dermatofibrosarcoma with Reconstruction by Controlateral Pedicled Groin Flap: A Case Report

Samar Ben Mrad, Senda Bellila , Feten Sbei, Mohamed Ali Sbai

Page: 29-33

Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Stomach: A Rare Case study

Varun Pallamala , Rohini Avantsa , Abishek Deenadayalan

Page: 68-72

Liposarcoma of Spermatic Cord: A Case Report on a Rare Recurent Paratesticular Tumor

K. Anjali Mohandas , Rohini Avantsa , Varun Pallamala

Page: 80-84

A Case Report and Literature Review of Verrucous Carcinoma of the Anus

Irfan Rasool Gadda , Umar Farooq Bhat

Page: 94-97

Case Study

Therapeutic for the Management of Pancreatic Head Adenocarcinoma about 40 Cases

Saad Rifki Jai , Kenza Benjelloun Touimi , Amal Hajri , Driss Erguibi , Rachid Boufettal , Farid Chehab

Page: 54-67

Original Research Article

Immunoexpression of Mutated BRAF V600E Protein in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

Ohnmar Than, Mie Mie Than, Le՝Shwe Zin, Nyo Me May Thyn

Page: 1-14

Ultrastructure of Glial Brain Tumors and Pathomorphological Assessment of Changes after Cryodestruction

B. V. Martynov, L. S. Onishchenko, O. V. Kostina, A. I. Kholyavin , A. E. Korovin , K. A. Chemodakova, A. A. Rafaelyan, N. K. Vasileva, E. Yu. Klimenkova , D. A. Volk, A. I. Yakovenko, D. I. Grigorievsky, V. N. Aleksandrov, M. Y. Prokudin, V. S. Chirsky, I. S. Zheleznyak, D. V. Svistov, E. N. Imyanitov

Page: 34-45

Detection of BRCA2 Receptor Gene Polymorphism in Sudanese Patients of Prostate Cancer in Khartoum State

Jumaa Abuajila Salem Salama , Tarig A. M. Hamid , Dawelbiet Abdelaal Yahia , Mohamed Maysara Ali

Page: 73-79

Immunohistochemical Features of Prostatic Carcinoma in Southwest Nigeria: A Ten-Year Retrospective Study

Olabisi Ayo-Aderibigbe , Donatus Sabageh , Oluwole Olaniyi Odujoko , Adebayo Ayoade Adekunle

Page: 85-93

Outcome of Organ Sparing Trimodality Treatment of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Rokonuzzaman S. M., Ali Yousuf , Sultana Nazat

Page: 98-104

Radiological and Histopathological Diagnosis of Pulmonary Mass according to CT-Guided FNAC and Core Biopsy

Tariqul Islam , Syed Mohammad Sajjad Jalal , Al Asma Ul Taslima, Asaduzzaman, Farhana Kamal Kumu , Mst. Nadira Parvin

Page: 105-110

Unveiling the Crises of Breast Cancer in Young Nigerian Women: A Ten Year Retropsective Study in a North Central State

Philip Ojile Akpa , Innocent Emmanuel , Barka Vandi Kwaghe , Samuel Abinu Abaniwo , Ishaku Agahu Othman , James Eveshojiame Ben , Nanisi Zorto Bahaushe , Jacob Anzaku Emmanuel , Olugbenga Akindele Silas

Page: 111-117