Determination of the Location of Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG) Protein in Lungs Cancer Cells

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A. A. Minjibir
M. Ali


Background: In every 24 hours, about 100-500 Cytosines undergo unprepared deamination in a particular cell. The deamination of cytosine to uracil is one of the major pro-mutagenic events in DNA causing G: C→A: T transitional mutations if not repaired before replication take place. Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG) is one of the major proteins that coordinate multiple cellular activities in the cell. However, its positions in the cell determine the type of activity it controls. Repair of uracil-DNA is achieved in base-excision pathway initiated by UDG. 

Aim: The research was aimed to determine the location of UDG in lungs cancer (SW480) cells.

Methodology: To determine the location of UDG protein in lungs cancer SW480 cells, the cells were treated with 100 mU Bleomycin (BLM) and 100ug 5-Flourourecil (5-FU).

Results: The FITES florescence photograph of the cells shows that UDG protein is localizing in the cytoplasm as seen by a glowing green colour of the tagged antibody around the cell’s nucleus in the cytoplasm in both treated and untreated cells.

Conclusion: The DAPI florescence photograph shows a dark central image with no glowing of anti-mouse antibody indicating the absence of the protein in the nucleus.

Uracil DNA glycosylase, bleomycin, 5- fluorouracil, genes, antigens

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